• Luke Seybold, UC Berkeley B.Eng Student

Learning to Adapt, Adapting to Learn

After completing both my Sophomore year and a rigorous summer course online, it was clear to me that the infrastructure set in place for virtual education was not developed enough to withstand a global pandemic. When compounded with the difficulties of translating a hands-on mechanical engineering curriculum online, the unstructured scheduling of classes made me question whether my post-secondary education was worth the tuition I was paying for it. So on the day before the 2020 Fall semester began, I dropped out.

I made a promise to myself however, that this would not be the end of my academic career. Through much searching in high school, I had found a major in Mechanical Engineering that I genuinely enjoyed pursuing. Already halfway through my undergraduate education, I have every intention of completing my journey. Though a degree is within sight, the end of this pandemic remains shrouded in uncertainty. We can not continue to provide temporary solutions to keep schools running until classes can be hosted in person; it has come to the point where we must now implement tools to make online learning sustainable.

Such tools include scheduling applications like StudyBuddy, an app made by concerned students like me, for concerned students like you to organize your online classes and study schedule. By inputting your classes and logging your study time, StudyBuddy brings much needed structure to the currently unstructured nature of online learning. The primary feature that sets StudyBuddy apart from similar applications is the interconnectivity it can provide with your peers. Much like Spotify allows users to see what music their friends are listening to, StudyBuddy allows users to see what topics their friends are studying. This provides a link among users to collaborate on their learning in a world where face to face interaction may not be possible.

While no one could have foreseen such an unprecedented event as the spread of COVID-19, it has become obvious that we must now adapt to the situation before us. Like many other fellow students, it is of personal importance to me that solutions like StudyBuddy are developed to ameliorate virtual learning so that we can continue to pursue our goals in these uncertain times.

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